Apart from the products TCO Radiators offers expert advice and a comprehensive range of services on automotive cooling systems therefore saving you money in the long run.
We strive for perfection and customer service and will go the extra mile for you!
A complete range of Original Equipment 
  Quality parts.
Also for certain models we introduced a range
  of Competitively Priced Radiators to
  compliment our high quality factory approved 
  units, tested to meet our minimum quality
Extensive testing of the cooling system
  for leaks, combustion gasses, stray current
  (electrolysis), Pressure Caps, Thermostats
  and Anti-freeze levels.
Staff equipped to do flushing, radiator
  cleaning and recoring in addition to supplying
  and fitting new radiators and other parts.
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Mobile: +27 82 655 8822
Email: rb@tcoradiators.co.za
3 Botha Street, Carletonville 2501
TCO Radiators  has been in the engine cooling business for more than sixty years and if there is anybody who understands engine cooling then it is us. For fast, friendly and efficient service let the professionals help you.

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